Monday, February 27, 2017

Affiliate Marketing

     I am running with final this week. Starting Wednesday I have one more 6 month term left before I graduate. I really wanted to take a quick break and let you know about some ventures that I have started. 

     I have signed up with several companies to provide my readers with direct access from my blog and websites. How I benefit is when someone buys products from a affiliate company using a link that I provide I get a commission from that sale. It usually ranges from a .5% - 12%, which is the highest that I have seen so far. I am sure that scales could be different from other companies but this is just what I have observed so far.

     The great part about affiliate marketing is that everyone has the opportunity to participate. All you need to do is have a online presence, usually with a significant amount of followers. I am currently running on Twitter Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I am also working on the finishing touches on my personal website and looking to add a second website soon. This is exactly what these companies are looking for...exposure. Best thing yet is that it costs nothing to get started, that is if you have a computer. Then again you would not be reading this if you did not have some type of computer.

     So if you really want to pad your income, are looking to add to a rainy day fund or wanting to save some cash into your dream fund for to buy something special you should consider affiliate marketing. If you want to change your starts you must take the first steps, even if it is a leap. Have the most wonderful day and I will see you soon.

    Now back to my studies so I can finish this B.S. in Business Management. Oh and please don't forget to visit my "Favorite Links" to the right side of this blog.