Monday, June 6, 2016

Ready. Set. GO!

     The keel has been laid and the hull has been constructed. Now it is time to give this ship a purpose, It is time to drop the lines and push off from the shore. It is time to sail into my uncharted waters. The journey that I am pursuing has been attempted by many, but only a few succeed, yet that does not discourage me from trying. The waters that lay ahead will be plagued with furious seas and calm waters. Am I ready for the challenges? That is yet to be determined. What I do know is that if I do not push off from the shore I will be forever be land locked with so many what ifs.

     By no means am I an expert in the fashion world. I am, as far as the fashion world is concerned, a nobody. What I do have to offer is ideas of what I like and do not like. I have ideas that are in line with the industry and realities that go against what has been ingrained into our minds as being fashionable. I do not expect everyone to agree with what I am saying, nor do I want everyone to agree with me. These are my ideas. So let the journey begin!

     I believe that the name I have chosen is what I am seeking to accomplish. I forging my own pathway into the fashion world. Without a solid frame to build upon the whole structure of what I seek to accomplish will come crashing down. As I said in my introduction paragraph there will be furious seas and calm waters. This project will take a lot of work to make it a success. I am ready to set "Fashion Framework" sailing.