Sunday, August 28, 2016

Once Again I Have Returned and I Have It In The Bag.

     It has been nearly a month since I have posted last. I did have good reason to be missing for such a long period of time.  During the first week of August I took a trip to Parris Island Marine Recruit Training Center. As one of the officers for our local US Naval Sea Cadet Divisions, I took my cadets to Parris Island for training. Though it was warm down in South Carolina we did have a great time.
     During the rest of the month I have been finishing my Project Management Certification. I had to have it completed by the last day of this month since I am doing the certification for college. Yes, I said college. I am a full time student as a business major at Western Governors University. I did pass my certification and passed all of my classes for this term. Now I have two terms left in my degree program which means that I will (if all goes as planned) graduation next year at this time.

     Now on to this weeks project. For me this project is where I have been heading to since I have started this blog. My goal is to make these zippered bags and sell them on line or at craft shows.
     Several weeks ago I went out to the fabric store to look for the perfect material for this project. My wife will have to be credited with finding this material. I believe that this was the perfect matching material for this project.
     When I finally sat down to use this material I folded it in half and ironed both pieces of material. Once they were ironed I took to the cutting table and stacked the two pieces of fabric so that I has four layers of fabric on the table. Using a rotary cutter I cut the four layers of material into pieces that measured 10.5 inches by 6 inches. That way I have four pieces that are exactly the same size and ready for sewing.

     The next step was to properly layer two pieces of fabric with the zipper. I like using binder clips to hold material when possible. It for me is easier to use and I believe does a better job at holding the material. I also find that it is easier to make fine adjustments.
     After aligning the fabric on the one side of the zipper I took to the sewing machine and did a straight stitch down the length of the zipper to attach them together. Next them I performed the same procedure for attaching the rest of the material to the other side of the zipper.
     With a quick ironing I flattened the material once again pulling slightly away from the zipper to allow the seams to be properly flattened. After the ironing I returned to the sewing machine and did a top stitching down each side of the zipper. This helps to flatten out the seam and give it a cleaner look.
     I did manage to finish this bag which I find to have turned out rather well. I do know that there are a few flaws with the bag, but feel that this was a very successful project for having been the first time I have sewn a zippered bag.
     Now that I have finished my first zippered bag, I can work at refining m techniques. I have to refine my stitches and make them straighter along the zipper. I also have to work with the ends of the zipper and make them fit with the bag better. With that being said I am very satisfied for my first bag.

     I will be making more bags in hopes of getting this sewing down and making a viable product that I can sell at some point. As for the projects that I have coming up, I will be continuing on with expanding my collection of projects that will refine my skills and teach me new skills in the art of sewing.

     I hope that you have a wonderful week and look forward to what I can put together for next weeks project.