Sunday, August 7, 2016

This Last Week Was Not About The Sewing.

INST WERTANEN of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps
 Signal Mountain Division, Signal Mountain, TN
     The sewing was very limited this past week. But I did manage to slip in a few stitches. I had to make my uniforms shipshape and get them ready for a week long trip to Parris Island, South Carolina. The name tapes and collar devices had to be placed on several pairs of uniforms that I was bringing along.
     This trip was not about me however. It was about the cadets who ranged in ages from 13 years old to 18 years old. It was about exposing them to how the Marines train their recruits. These cadets are a part of the US Naval Sea Cadets Corps. It is a place for the cadets to learn leadership skills that can be used whether they join the military or not.

     At Parris Island the cadets took part in military pt and marching drills. Toured various places on the base including seeing the barracks of recruits who are really attending Marine boot camp. They spent time listening to lectures along with hands on experiences with the confidence course, obstacle course and firing range simulator. On our last day we attended morning colors and watched Marines graduate from boot camp. What an awesome time .

     Now it is back to reality. I have my new project picked out and am looking forward to getting back on track with the sewing... along with my school work and my job. I will be attending one last Sea Cadet event tomorrow before heading back to reality on Tuesday. I really cannot wait to reveal my project next weekend. Until then have a wonderful week and get involved in the lives of our youth. Let us lead by example for future generations.