Sunday, July 3, 2016

Collar tabs and patches

     Another big accomplishment for me this week! my goal for this week was to sew on a patch. What I chose was a collar device that is worn on the US Naval Uniform. Since I am I an officer with one of the local US Naval Sea Cadet Corp it was a logical choice for what to sew.

     This uniform was one that I had laying around the house. Since the Sea Cadet insignia is slightly different from the Navy's active duty uniform I removed the patched from the uniform. Wanting to ensure that I get some practice sewing the insignia onto the uniform I sewed on some of the patches that were removed. This gave me a great appreciation for the thickness of the material.

     Even though the needle needed to have a little persuasion to get through the thick material I was determined to succeed. I guess I did not mention that this was all sewn by hand. One day I hope to have a machine that will be strong enough to handle the the thick fabric. Well anyway, I was able to sew this on and ensured that the the patch was one securely.

     I really only took me about 15 minutes do do this patch and it was well worth the effort. As I said, I am an office with our Sea Cadet unit here in town and found an opportunity to not only do a little more for the Sea Cadets but also for finding a niche market that needs the services of a tailor who knows about military insignia. One of my goals is to start bringing in some income with the Sea Cadet unit and then branching out to the active duty and reserve units that are in town. I already have some contacts within the active duty and reserve world. If I can start to get a steady flow of work I will look into getting that sewing machine that will be so needed.

     This coming week I will be working on a project for the sewing room. I will be working on my tailors ham. It should be a much easier project since it will be made out of a material that will be easier to sew. I am going to personalize to by using reusing material from a piece of clothing. I plan on using the denim from the pant of my old navy uniform that I wore as a young sailor.

      I am looking forward to this project. Being that I also am employed full time, a full time student in a business program (with just over two semesters to go!!!), I volunteer with our Sea Cadet Unit, I study martial arts and have a wonderful family, time seems to be in short supply. I have found that there is a satisfaction in this newest hobby of mine that I hope to one day soon turn into a business. After months of studying the sewing business I have a solid direction to head in. That is where I am heading and with any luck I will achieve those goals and even go beyond them..

I hope that you have a wonderful week and will chat again next weekend.