Sunday, July 17, 2016

Machine Time

     This week I dove head first into my first sewing machine project. I had a slow start at first and if I had to rely on the instructions that came with the machine, I might still be trying to get past loading the bobbin into the machine. Thanks to YouTube I was able to find a great video that showed me step by step on how to get it installed. The best part is that I really was doing it right. The problem is that the instructions really did not properly explain the process of feeding the bobbin thread so that it was ready to use. Once I got past that part things went pretty smooth for the most part. The only other problem that I occasionally have it that the tread gets tangled and stuck in the throat plate. I believe that is solved by just making sure the thread has the proper tension on it before I begin to sew.

     The project this week was yet another bag. I did not put any closures on the top, I just wanted to get the basic sewing down. My goal was to make sure the stitches were straight and that I could actually come up with a good looking project.
     I used two different fabrics, one for the shell and one for the liner. I feel that my first attempt was pretty good, but what is pictured here is my second attempt. I remember learning that you must remember to always leave a three inch opening in the liner to allow for the bag to be turned right side out. Yeah, I forgot that simple step. I guarantee that I will not be forgetting that again.
     In order to resolve this issue I decided to shrink the bag down slightly and use the rotary cutter to remove all of the stitching and start over. That saved me a lot of seam ripping on a project that was more for practice than anything else.
     As you can see, I was pretty successful in creating the bag. I was able to turn it right side out and did a quick machine stitch across the opening that was left in the liner. Oh, before sewing up the hole I did remember to tuck the corners of the bag shell and lining. I finally was able to get the lining into the bag and I think it turned out pretty good for my first ever sewing project on the machine.

     The other project I have that has become a ongoing work in progress project is the light tent that I am creating. I have had several request from the family to take product pictures for online sales especially in Etsy shops. I am really excited for this project also because I have always wanted to venture more into product photography. I maybe one day I can get back to being a professional photographer.
     This week I was working on creating a clamping system that will hold the covering on the frame. I am actually using two twin sheets that will fit over the 3'x3'x3' frame. What I came up with was using 2" sections of the same piping that I used to create the frame. I cut out a 1/4" section out of the length of the pipe and it fits great on the outside of the framing pipe.I put the sheeting over the frame and used the clamps which firmly held it in place.
     I will be finishing up this project this week and will hopefully have some sample pictures coming up soon.

     This has been a great and exciting week. I feel that I have accomplished so much. Not only have I worked on these projects but I was able to get a bunch of homework done. Yes I said homework. I am a full time student with WGU Tennessee. I am currently working on my project management certification as part of my bachelors of Business Management degree. I have two terms after this one left.
     I was also honored to have been able to provide cadets from one of the local US Naval Sea Cadet Divisions (of which I am the Executive Officer) to be color guard for the Chattanooga Heros Run/Walk that was held yesterday. This run/walk was in honor of the five member of our military who's lives were cut short by the terrorist attack here in Chattanooga on July 16th, 2015. A day we here in Chattanooga will never forget. I am not sure who took this picture but I wanted to include it here with this posting anyway since it would be nearly impossible for my to get copies of my own. Over 1500 people came out for this event that included family, friends, co-workers, emergency services, law enforcement and the public. I was a awesome tribute to these five men.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week and carry on with your dreams.