Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Full Circle

     Hello once again. I believe that I am back after a well needed break. I am refreshed and ready to jump into 2017 with a renewed energy. This coming March I will be starting what I hope to be my last tern in college. I will then be graduating with a Business Management degree. The only thing that could foil these plans is one class that I am currently taking. It is managerial accounting and I find that any accounting class is a little challenging for me. I must continue on though. So much of what I hope to do with my future revolves around business that this could be a nice addition to my knowledge base.

     I had to leave work early yesterday since the children are still on winter break. I also did the same thing today. That just gives me more time to do the things that I love to do and that is to learn. I learn the best by doing, so yesterday I jumped in and immersed myself into my sewing. I created my very first circle skirt. Even thought there are some flaws I feel that it was a very successful project. I learned something.

     I am running short on fabric around here. But what I had was  couple of  old sheets lying around from my photography. I would use the sheets as my back drops and I have somewhat shifted from using these for back drops but kept the sheets. Now they are free to be used for my practice material.

     I have a tendency to work from memory and create what is in my minds eye. Is this the correct way for one that is new to sewing? Not really, but I have a strong vision as to what I want to accomplish and I have a love for geometry. I find that sewing is just one big geometry project. I will use patterns for many things that I want to sew, but I will also make many patterns. I find that if I am making everything from scratch I am learning everything that I can about what works and what doesn't.

     I managed to get that perfect circle from which to make this skirt. I made successfully made a 1/4 inch hem around the bottom. I know that this is not the typical hem width but this is what I chose for this project.

     I had a vision in my head as to what I wanted for the waistband and just cut it out. The waistband is 3 inches wide and but I cut the original piece out as a 4 inch piece with a length of 42 inches. I left a half inch seam allowance on each of the long edges. That is how I got 3 inches out of the 4 inch waistband.

     In the last picture you will notice that the zipper is showing and that it really stands out because I did not color match and just used the last zipper that I had in my kit. Is everything sewn straight? No. What I have is working zipper. It zips from the top to the bottom without any snags. From everything that I know from others who have worked with zippers this is one of the hardest things to do when it come to sewing. My next zipper will probably be color matched and there will be a much cleaner look. I learned what I by doing and managed to learn what I will and will not do next time.

     This was my first project heading into the world of sewing clothing. This skirt will not see the light of day, or the darkness of the night. In other words no one will ever be wearing this skirt. I was my learning project, by break out project. Now I will take what I have learned and make improvements and work towards that sewing perfection and maybe I will one day I will create that perfect outfit.

Take care and keep challenging yourself. 

More to come!