Monday, January 9, 2017

That's a Wrap!

     I have so many goals in life and so little time to do them. Aside from working 50 hours a week I am also a full-time student getting a business management degree. I enjoy learning about what I need to do to make me better at managing a business and about building my own business. I would like to see a time where I can get out from behind the desk and not have to worry about going to work every day. I want my money to work for me so that I can enjoy doing whatever I want to do. I am taking small steps learning about how to be a business owner and how to properly invest my time and money.

     Things that I enjoy doing are photography, writing and sewing. There are many other things but I have learned to focus on just a few things that get me to the life that I want to live. I would hope that one day photography, writing and sewing could be wrapped up into one big business and so I am formulating a plan.

     The reason I have selected the name and have become Fashionframework is because I am looking to focus on a well rounded life. Fashion to me is much more than the photography. It is more than women (and men) dressed in the latest trends, the unrealistic portrayal of what the everyday average woman must live up to. It is about a lifestyle. It is about your home, your family, the way you perceive yourself as an individual. That to me is fashion. Not everybody can be a model, but everybody can be themselves. They can live that fashionable life and live in that fashionable environment. That to me is what fashion should be all about.

     So now on to this weeks project. I have chosen to sew a wrap skirt. Once again I am using my own design and need to make some tweaks to it. Pictured is a floor length skirt made once again out of my favorite practice material, a bed sheet.

     It is hemmed on the bottom and on both sides using a single stitch rolled hem. One thing that I learned after and what I will be trying on my next skirt is to use a double needle on my machine. That way the hem allows for a little stretch and looks finished off with the double row of stitches.

     The waistband was created out of a 8 inch wide by 74 inch long strip of fabric. It each side was folded over to the center line of the fabric to create a stiff yet pliable waistband and ties. One thing that I would do differently next time is to increase the length of the ties. As you can see in the photos there is not much room to tie a bow or use other fasteners.

     This was the most awesome project and I learned a lot. The next time I create this wrap skirt I will be looking at a different fabric. I will also be adding some light to medium weight fusible batting that will give the waistband a little more structure. Add a little more length to the ties and it will then be a great outfit for that special someone.

     Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I managed to successfully create pretty good elongated button hole which I created to feed the tie through on one side of the skirt. I think it worked out well.

Until next time please keep striving to do things that make you happy.